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Middle Child Lyrics - J. Cole Lyrics

Singer: J. Cole
Composer: J. Cole
Lyricist: J. Cole
You good, T-Minus?
Niggas been counting me out
I'm counting my bullets
I'm loading my clips
I'm writing down names
I'm making a list
I'm checking it twice and I'm getting 'em hit
The real ones been dying
The fake ones is lit
The game is off balance
I'm back on my shit
The Bentley is dirty
My sneakers is dirty
But that's how I like it
You all on my dick
I'm all in my bag
This hard as it get
I do not snort powder
I might take a sip
I might hit the blunt
But I'm liable to trip
I ain't popping no pill
But you do as you wish
I roll with some fiends
I love 'em to death
I got a few mil'
But not all of them rich
What good is the bread if my niggas is broke?
What good is first class if my niggas can't sit?
That's my next mission
That's why I can't quit
Just like LeBron
Get my…

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